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8930-5299 | 8938-7782 | 7120-6230 16 Tandang Sora Avenue, Sangandaan, Quezon City 1116, Metro Manila

Physical Therapy Department


The Department of Physical Therapy aspires to be one of the country’s leading institution in producing a well-rounded PT professionals.


To commit in providing the nation a well-equipped individual, inculcated with moral values needed in a modern and dynamic society.


The Department of Physical Therapy aims to produce physical therapists who are well-rounded to fulfill professional responsibilities in the following to contribute to the development of the nation:

Patient and client care in various settings for different populations
Education of individuals and groups in broad spectrum of clientele
Administration and management of physical therapy programs, institutions and facilities, including private practice and delivery home health care services
Lifelong learning for the development of the professional
Health promotions
Advocacy for the advancement of the profession
Community service and development
Consumer of research


The general objective of the Physical Therapy Program is to prepare the students to practice the physical therapy professions mainly to contribute to the nation’s workforce and progressively to global needs. The graduates of the program are expected to:

  1. Become licensed physical therapist in the Philippines
  2. Demonstrate clinical competency in evaluation, treatment planning and implementation integrating knowledge of basic sciences and physical therapy in order to modify treatment approaches that reflects the breadths and scope of PT practice.
  3. Actively recognize the rights and dignity of individuals in planning and administering programs of care in ethical and legal manner.
  4. Identify and contribute to the aims and ideas of the profession to be able to function competently in any health care setting.
  5. Integrate the use of basic principles of research in critical analysis of concepts and findings generated by self and others
  6. Contribute to the aims and ideals of the profession
  7. Function as a competent physical therapist in all fields expected upon them
  8. Practice in an ethical, moral, legal manner with integrity and dignity
  9. Demonstrate command of knowledge which is necessary to function as an independent problem solver and learner in the practice environment